Monday, April 30, 2012

Cooking with Chris Part 2

Chris was craving chicken and rice from the cart on 53rd and 6th. but we hate going into the city.  Even though I live so close, it's always a hassle traveling. Thankfully, we found this awesome recipe to help us settle our cravings.  

The white sauce came out so good! And it was so easy to make too.  

The rice coated with cumin and tumeric powder
I bought a weird basmati rice blend from Trader Joe's.  I think next time I'm gonna stick to plain rice.  
I pulled a noob mistake and added way too little broth and added too much rice.  I never make rice on the stove top!! I was able to fix the mistake by adding more water and broth. 
Chicken thighs
Looks so good! 
I bought whole wheat pita bread for us from Trader Joe's. It wasn't that great .  I tried to be healthy but I guess you can't be healthy when it comes to chicken and rice. We had to add more mayo to the white sauce to make it tasty.  

What a success! We had a few snags like under cooking the rice and not browning the chicken enough but the meal came out almost exactly like the chicken you would get from the city.  I think the meal costs us around 20 dollars? It was kinda pricey because we didn't plan that well and didn't buy lettuce and chicken on sale.Iceberg lettuce was 2.50! Also, Chris didn't have turmeric powder but that was only a dollar something at his local farmer's market. Oh! And don't get the harrisa hot sauce! YUCK.  It tasted bitter and sour.  We used good old Siracha sauce instead.  

Bought a strawberry cheesecake slice from Whole Foods :) I ate almost the whole thing by myself cause Chris was too busy playing League of Legends haha.  


  1. mmm That all looks so delicious!!
    Cute blog btw, following ^_^

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    1. Thanks a lot!!!

      Haha, I love HK! :)