Friday, April 27, 2012

Beauty Products

There is a reason why I don't like to watch  YouTube beauty videos.  I get into the mood to buy just about everything that says will make my skin more radiant, even-toned, perfect even. 

I saw a few videos on the Personal Microderm.  I'm willing to drop a grand to get rid of my horrible acne scars.  Thankfully I found it on shopnbc for 90 dollars :) I gotta save every penny for my upcoming vacations! 

I think I'm in love! Well, I only used it once, but I swear my skin looks better. My foundation goes on smoother too.  Plus I love seeing flakes of dead skin on the buffers!! 

I plan on using it tonight!     

ShopNBC offered more of the buffing tips than if you were to order it directly from the website. 
LOL, my cat Pazuzu LOVES to watch me brush my teeth, wash my face., etc. He was so intrigued by the PMD.  When he hears me turn on the faucet, he comes running in! 

Nars Trouville
I kinda hate how you can see the white part but I love this color! So pretty. 
Excuse the gross hang nails
HEHE. I have an obsession! I just bought the ones in the boxes.  I love cute iPhone cases :)
My favorite one is the hello kitty case only because it's the most hardy.  I want a Chococat case.  
I just love black cats. 

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