Monday, June 25, 2012


Here is my supervisors' dog, Buddha! He's a smelly farty french bull dog who likes to bark at everything. I'm not sure if he's cute or creepy looking. I think he looks like an old man.  Anyway, they're in France right now (one is in Ukraine to watch the Eurocup games) and my coworker is watching Buddha. He'll be at work with us for the next two weeks! And I'll be watching him for a day sometime next week.  I hope he doesn't piss my cats off or else they'd beat him up lol.  

He's in playful mood
Getting closer
He dropped his birthday cake in front of me lol  

Chris and I got take out from Delhi Garden in Edison because I was craving Indian food. He ordered the NY style chicken and rice entree and I ordered chicken tikka masala, mango lassi, and vegetarian samosas.  

Chicken and rice was better than expected! The chicken was marinated in Indian spices and was super tender and juicy.   I think the white sauce and hot sauce were comparable.  Chris thinks it needed more lettuce and tomatoes and the hot sauce was just OK.  But he said he'd order it again.     

The chicken tikka masala was creamy and flavorful.  The chicken was not as juicy as the chicken and rice but it's served in sauce so it wasn't too dry.  
The mango lassi was great. I drank too much and filled me up right away.
The samosas were delicious.  I only ate the insides lol...I didn't want to eat too much carbs.  

We actually came here around 2 years ago.. We were noobs and ordered the wrong things.  I ordered some weird eggplant thing which was OK not great.  Glad I ordered the generic Indian entrees this time around.  

Chris made shaved ice for me :)
I didn't do such a good job making it look presentable. Chris bought strawberries, mangoes, mandarian oranges, lychee, red beans, and condensed milk.  The machine was mechanical so Chris did all the dirty work :P 

The cruise is in two weeks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Korean Food

My mom and I usually get Koreanized Chinese food which is basically sweetened and spicy Chinese food when we go out to eat.  My favorite is jja jang myun or black bean noodles.  The banchan (side dishes) these restaurants serve are usually  radish kimchi (kkakdugi), raw onions that you dip in the black sauce, and pickled radish (danmuju).

We always go to Son Ja Jang in Pal Park because they hand make the noodles! The noodles are just right, not too soggy or hard.  Also, they offer half and half.  I get the tang soo yook (sweet and sour beef) and jja jang combo which is around 10 dollars.  The tang soo yook dish alone is around 20 dollars so the combo is a good deal.  

Monday, June 18, 2012


One of my close friends decided to celebrate her birthday by eating dinner at Mad for Chicken (check it out!!) and clubbing at Marquee (don't go there).  

I couldn't get any pics from Friday night because everything was so dark, and I noticed that I left the plastic film on my phone's camera lol.  

My BFF recommended Ciroc coconut for us to drink. :)  Thanks BFF! 

Can't you tell that I love leopard print? 

Chris's parents asked him to clean out their other house on Saturday.  I tagged along to help...not really. I moved some light furniture and napped throughout the day.   

 Chris mowing the grass on his tractor LOL.  

I would've taken more pictures of their back yard, but there were crazy amounts of bugs outside of the house waiting to drink my sweet blood. 

After a day and a half of hard work...(lol) 
we ate at U-yees! I always get the Mexican (spicy salmon with tempura flakes) hand roll.  U-yees is one of my favorite sushi places because of their half off sushi~  We ordered 4 rolls and 1 hand roll for 19 dollars!  

I can't wait for the summer. Cruise to Bahamas is in 17 days, 3 year anni is in 6 weeks, and I'm going to Otakon at the end of July! My friend was able to get me a volunteer position and score a free hotel room and pass.   I'm not really into cosplay, but I'll dress up.  It should be fun.  I'm thinking about dressing up as Hello Kitty (easy ) and magikarp for a Pokemon photoshoot LOL.  I went to Comic-con back in October and had a lot of fun and was able to score mad swag lol. 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week Through Pics

Nail stickers! My sis was stingy and used one side for both nails.
My boss usually goes away for the summer to his villa(s) in St. Tropez.  He like..loves Sushi Cruise and wanted to eat here again.  I ordered the usual lunch special plus spicy crab salad.  LOL.  Look at how much tempura the chef added!! It was good but I felt so full and gross afterwards.   

My bff wanted to eat at Soo Petite Chow last night :).  She picked me up in her hot new Hyundai! I'm totally jealous and want one now :D  
We had to order the soup dumplings.  
Shredded beef with scallions.  
Chicken in garlic sauce.  
Baked bun with chives and eggs. 

My sister's friend visited us and brought her dog, Winky! He's a Boston Terrier with one eye, hence the name Winky. He was so well behaved and quiet...Pazuzu was scared of him :( Usually he's fearless and doesn't give a crap, but he got on the printer and arched his back and bristled his tail.  Winky didn't care LOL.  Pazuzu calmed down after a while and watched Winky like a hawk.    

Here's Pazuzu being Pazuzu

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dinner and a Movie

Chris came to visit me on Friday and took me out to eat Thai food in Fort Lee.  I've been wanting to eat at Little Charm Thai Kitchen since my sister had their pad thai lunch special a year ago. 
I'm glad my sister told me about this place.  It's pretty cramped..maybe 12 people can fit here. And the place is so small that you can hear..everything. We were lucky and got a table.  We were unlucky that these teenage girls were eating near us.  I can't say anything too mean cause I was dumb at that age too :X

Thai iced tea before mixing it 

Tom Yum Soup
Massaman curry 
pad thai

Everything was so good.  I brought leftovers home and my mom finished the pad thai , and she's usually picky.  We bought my sister penang curry and I'm definitely going to order that next time.  Massaman curry was sweeter and tangy.  The penang curry was more milky which I like in curry.  I'm definitely going to try their rice dish next time.  Pad thai was good, but the thai place near Chris's house makes better pad thai.

Later that night, we watched Prometheus with my sister.  I'm a huge fan of the Alien series (I'm not counting Alien 3) and was slightly disappointed.  It was visually impressive but the plot was okay.  As a researcher I was wtfing when the characters were touching everything and removed their helmets(!!).   But then again it is a movie and can't expect that much from it.  Other than that, it was pretty decent. I give it a solid 8 out of 10.  And I hope to see a sequel. 

Oh and speaking of movies, I watched Snow White and the what a boring movie.  It could've been really good but was mostly fail.  Kristen Stewart's mouth bothered me the whole time lol.  I wish a non famous actress was Snow White instead of mouth breather.  At least the scenes were well done.  My best friend told me that they're planning on a sequel.  -.- 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Healthy Yum

Since I'm trying to cut down on carbs, I was looking on the Trader Joe's website for healthy low carb alternatives. I saw that eggplant , bell peppers, and mushrooms were on sale and decided to make eggplant pizza.  

Egg plant sliced into thick rounds (1/2-3/4 ")
tomato sauce
mozzarella cheese

I dipped the egg plant slices into egg and coated with flour.
Placed them on a pan and baked them for 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  
After that, put sauce and drizzle cheese on top of the egg plant slices.  
Add the shrooms and peppers on top and bake until the cheese melts.  

The eggplant was crispy and light..almost like bread.  

I can't wait to eat my lunch...eggplant and my mom fried tofu for me.  Last night I had to tutor and she offered me soda which I didn't drink :). But I also ate pringle chips and cookies. AND my mom bought 4 bags of potato chips!!  But she did buy greek yogurt that I'm loving.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Yum Yum

My sis left me a surprise when I got back from the city last week.  
Yes, we always order the donkatsu every time we eat at Mitsuwa.  
Dollar off sushi after 6 PM on weekdays!  Shrimp tempura and spicy tuna rolls.  Chris picked out a half green tea half lemon tea drink. Yuck. I usually love tea but it tasted so artificial.  

A Swedish scientist came to work/visit us for two weeks.  We ate at Sushi Cruise for a farewell lunch on Friday. As usual, my boss treated us ^_^.  I got their lunch special which consists of two rolls, miso soup or salad for 10 dollars. 
Of course, I ordered the spicy salmon and spicy crab rolls. Their rolls are so good! 

Chris and I ate at Chipotle's. He suggested pho, but I need to watch my carb intake lol.  
We played D3 until 2am. 
Here's Timmy being playful :)

I'm reducing my carb intake and cutting out sugary drinks.  The goal is to lose 5 or more pounds before the cruise  :/  I eat healthy's just that I drink tons of sugary drinks. I've noticed that my permanent food  baby is slowly shrinking ever since I stopped eating fried food. :) I wish I had time to go to the gym. I'm busy with tutoring, work, D3, kitties ,and eating. 

I also have to sit my ass down and study for the GREs.  My boss offered to write a recommendation letter and expects me to go back to school soon. It's so hard to get back into the studying groove. After work, I just want to relax and do nothing.  I hate being so lazy.