Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fatty Foods

I love going to Mitsuwa! I am lucky that I live (and work) 2 minutes away :P. 
I ordered the curry hamburger patty.  I was craving something meaty and this hit the spot.  It came with a seaweed salad and spicy mayo radish.  I did not touch the soup, because it smelled so weird.  My friend and her boyfriend ordered spicy Japanese ramen with melted pork.  I have to check it out next time.
Friday night, I drove down to Chris's house. We spent Saturday stuffing ourselves with delicious but terrible for your arteries food.  The grease trucks are a staple to Rutgers students.  Kinda disappointing that they jacked up the prices.  6.50 for a sandwich! A fat mojo used to be 5 dollars.  And maybe 2 for 6 during the summer when all the kids went home for summer vacation. 
Chris and I decided to be French and portion control.  We split this monster. 
Fat Filipino.  Gyro meat, white sauce, french fries, ice berg lettuce, and one mozzarella stick (? or two). 
Chris always asks for hot sauce when we get fat sandwiches.  Yum.   

College Ave is so pretty when it's empty.  We sat on a bench for half an hour digesting our 2k calorie lunch  (1k each because we split it).

For dinner Chris took me Cafe Paris.  Look at the walls! So pretty and makes you feel like you're in Paris eating a baguette :).  I couldn't take too many pictures of the cafe, because there were people munching away on their food. One thing I can't stand is when people take pics of people eating haha.
   No wonder the French are so healthy and thin.  They know how to portion control unlike us! 
 He picked out a ham and goat cheese sandwich.  
I picked our dessert! Fresh strawberries, NUTELLA, chocolate syrup, and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and powdered sugar. Wow.  I would definitely come here again just for their crepes. 

Right now, Chris is marinating steaks for us! Can't wait to eat tomorrow :).  

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