Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beauty Products

 My mom was generous enough to let me use her Sephora gift card! I got a YSL gloss stain in rouge enamel.  I'm in love <3_<3! This is my first RED lip color.  I'm still afraid of wearing red lipstick so this is a nice transition.  It's a good mixture of a lip gloss and a stain.  The staying power is awesome! I have two lip products from YSL, and the quality of the two is amazing.  I want more but I need to resist and save my money. 
Rouge Enamel
 I've been reading about the fairy drops mascara for awhile now.  I got the last one at the GSP's Sephora! I like it.  I can't go crazy with it so one coat of it is good, or else my lashes droop :/.  I hear the fairy drops mascara sold in Asian countries is different. I would like to try that. 
At Mitsuwa, I got a hair velcro pad to keep my bangs out of my face when I put on make up or wash my face. The hair pad is bow shaped. How cute! I should've gotten it in pink. It works pretty well. 

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