Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Lunch

I'm jealous that Chris lives close to a farmer's market. He bought four bundles of basil for one dollar each!  Basil is usually 3.99 at the local supermarket. I asked him to make me pesto.  We went to Whole Foods because he forgot to bring cheese and nuts.  I tried out a sample of fiddleheads.  They taste like asparagus.  I bought some to put in our pasta.  

Pesto made out of Whole Foods 3 cheese blend, cashews, oil, and ground black pepper

Tomatoes, fiddleheads, chicken breast, and spinach fusilli pasta
Whole Foods in Edgewater has the best cannolis! They fill the shell on the spot.  
Timmy was pissed because we didn't give him any chicken. 

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