Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday afternoon in the City!

My twin friends invited me out to the city to celebrate their birthday.  One was craving paella and made reservations at Cafe Espinoza.  The paella was OK.  It was an excellent deal though.  Appetizer, sangria, entree, and dessert for 13.99!! Then, we spent around 5-6 hours walking around the Village, SoHo, and Chinatown.  

The bag was really cute! The store was closing so everything was 50-70% off. I got these gold earrings for 6 dollars! 
After walking around for hours, we ended up in Chinatown.  We ate at Shanghai Cafe.  Wow everything was so cheap.  

Turnip pastries? I told them that I wanted fried turnip cake with dipping sauce.  These pastries weren't it but 
they were pretty good.  Well, everything tastes good deep fried.  
Wonton with chili sauce.  
Sauce was spicy and complimented the wontons nicely.  These were pretty cheap.  I think 3 for 8?

Soup Dumplings!! I <3 soup dumplings!!
I could've eaten all of them by myself! 

I forgot to take a picture of scallion pancakes.  They were pretty good. I dipped them in the chili sauce.   
I can't wait to go back here! The bill came out to 20 dollars for the four of us.  We didn't tip 20% and the lady told us to give another dollar -.-.  

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