Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cooking with Chris

Chris told me about a recipe that he found in MY cookbook he stole from my house.Asparagus and sweet potatoes. He also got steaks for us from A&P since they were on sale for 4.99 per pound.   

He made spicy hummus from scratch. 
I made the guacamole! His parents used all of the cilantro so I had to use watercress. It came out pretty tasty. 
Asparagus, sweet potatoes, and turkey bacon bits covered in thyme.  I think it would've tasted so much better if we had used an oven.  Baked vegetables taste the best 
Porterhouse steak that he marinated in pineapple juice, some soy sauce, oil, and garlic.  
I wish I took a better picture of the steak. 
His mother asked us to make flan.  It came out okay. 

Haha he packed lunch for me.  Kinda stingy with the dips... 

Pazuzu being cute :) 

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