Monday, April 30, 2012

Cooking with Chris Part 2

Chris was craving chicken and rice from the cart on 53rd and 6th. but we hate going into the city.  Even though I live so close, it's always a hassle traveling. Thankfully, we found this awesome recipe to help us settle our cravings.  

The white sauce came out so good! And it was so easy to make too.  

The rice coated with cumin and tumeric powder
I bought a weird basmati rice blend from Trader Joe's.  I think next time I'm gonna stick to plain rice.  
I pulled a noob mistake and added way too little broth and added too much rice.  I never make rice on the stove top!! I was able to fix the mistake by adding more water and broth. 
Chicken thighs
Looks so good! 
I bought whole wheat pita bread for us from Trader Joe's. It wasn't that great .  I tried to be healthy but I guess you can't be healthy when it comes to chicken and rice. We had to add more mayo to the white sauce to make it tasty.  

What a success! We had a few snags like under cooking the rice and not browning the chicken enough but the meal came out almost exactly like the chicken you would get from the city.  I think the meal costs us around 20 dollars? It was kinda pricey because we didn't plan that well and didn't buy lettuce and chicken on sale.Iceberg lettuce was 2.50! Also, Chris didn't have turmeric powder but that was only a dollar something at his local farmer's market. Oh! And don't get the harrisa hot sauce! YUCK.  It tasted bitter and sour.  We used good old Siracha sauce instead.  

Bought a strawberry cheesecake slice from Whole Foods :) I ate almost the whole thing by myself cause Chris was too busy playing League of Legends haha.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Lunch

I'm jealous that Chris lives close to a farmer's market. He bought four bundles of basil for one dollar each!  Basil is usually 3.99 at the local supermarket. I asked him to make me pesto.  We went to Whole Foods because he forgot to bring cheese and nuts.  I tried out a sample of fiddleheads.  They taste like asparagus.  I bought some to put in our pasta.  

Pesto made out of Whole Foods 3 cheese blend, cashews, oil, and ground black pepper

Tomatoes, fiddleheads, chicken breast, and spinach fusilli pasta
Whole Foods in Edgewater has the best cannolis! They fill the shell on the spot.  
Timmy was pissed because we didn't give him any chicken. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Supervisors and I climbed to the roof to watch the a jumbo plane carry the Enterprise along the Hudson River. 

Chris came over to  my house Friday afternoon. We went to the mall like usual :)
After the mall we went to ToTowa in Palisades Park.  Of course, I got curry donkatsu.  I always forget how much they give you!   

Chris got Yuk kae jang.  It looks like crap but it's pretty good.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Beauty Products

There is a reason why I don't like to watch  YouTube beauty videos.  I get into the mood to buy just about everything that says will make my skin more radiant, even-toned, perfect even. 

I saw a few videos on the Personal Microderm.  I'm willing to drop a grand to get rid of my horrible acne scars.  Thankfully I found it on shopnbc for 90 dollars :) I gotta save every penny for my upcoming vacations! 

I think I'm in love! Well, I only used it once, but I swear my skin looks better. My foundation goes on smoother too.  Plus I love seeing flakes of dead skin on the buffers!! 

I plan on using it tonight!     

ShopNBC offered more of the buffing tips than if you were to order it directly from the website. 
LOL, my cat Pazuzu LOVES to watch me brush my teeth, wash my face., etc. He was so intrigued by the PMD.  When he hears me turn on the faucet, he comes running in! 

Nars Trouville
I kinda hate how you can see the white part but I love this color! So pretty. 
Excuse the gross hang nails
HEHE. I have an obsession! I just bought the ones in the boxes.  I love cute iPhone cases :)
My favorite one is the hello kitty case only because it's the most hardy.  I want a Chococat case.  
I just love black cats. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cooking with Chris

Chris told me about a recipe that he found in MY cookbook he stole from my house.Asparagus and sweet potatoes. He also got steaks for us from A&P since they were on sale for 4.99 per pound.   

He made spicy hummus from scratch. 
I made the guacamole! His parents used all of the cilantro so I had to use watercress. It came out pretty tasty. 
Asparagus, sweet potatoes, and turkey bacon bits covered in thyme.  I think it would've tasted so much better if we had used an oven.  Baked vegetables taste the best 
Porterhouse steak that he marinated in pineapple juice, some soy sauce, oil, and garlic.  
I wish I took a better picture of the steak. 
His mother asked us to make flan.  It came out okay. 

Haha he packed lunch for me.  Kinda stingy with the dips... 

Pazuzu being cute :) 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fatty Foods

I love going to Mitsuwa! I am lucky that I live (and work) 2 minutes away :P. 
I ordered the curry hamburger patty.  I was craving something meaty and this hit the spot.  It came with a seaweed salad and spicy mayo radish.  I did not touch the soup, because it smelled so weird.  My friend and her boyfriend ordered spicy Japanese ramen with melted pork.  I have to check it out next time.
Friday night, I drove down to Chris's house. We spent Saturday stuffing ourselves with delicious but terrible for your arteries food.  The grease trucks are a staple to Rutgers students.  Kinda disappointing that they jacked up the prices.  6.50 for a sandwich! A fat mojo used to be 5 dollars.  And maybe 2 for 6 during the summer when all the kids went home for summer vacation. 
Chris and I decided to be French and portion control.  We split this monster. 
Fat Filipino.  Gyro meat, white sauce, french fries, ice berg lettuce, and one mozzarella stick (? or two). 
Chris always asks for hot sauce when we get fat sandwiches.  Yum.   

College Ave is so pretty when it's empty.  We sat on a bench for half an hour digesting our 2k calorie lunch  (1k each because we split it).

For dinner Chris took me Cafe Paris.  Look at the walls! So pretty and makes you feel like you're in Paris eating a baguette :).  I couldn't take too many pictures of the cafe, because there were people munching away on their food. One thing I can't stand is when people take pics of people eating haha.
   No wonder the French are so healthy and thin.  They know how to portion control unlike us! 
 He picked out a ham and goat cheese sandwich.  
I picked our dessert! Fresh strawberries, NUTELLA, chocolate syrup, and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and powdered sugar. Wow.  I would definitely come here again just for their crepes. 

Right now, Chris is marinating steaks for us! Can't wait to eat tomorrow :).  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I went to Mitsuwa with my BFF.  We both got the beef katsu special.  6 dollars for meat and miso soup! 

Most interesting cat in the world

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday afternoon in the City!

My twin friends invited me out to the city to celebrate their birthday.  One was craving paella and made reservations at Cafe Espinoza.  The paella was OK.  It was an excellent deal though.  Appetizer, sangria, entree, and dessert for 13.99!! Then, we spent around 5-6 hours walking around the Village, SoHo, and Chinatown.  

The bag was really cute! The store was closing so everything was 50-70% off. I got these gold earrings for 6 dollars! 
After walking around for hours, we ended up in Chinatown.  We ate at Shanghai Cafe.  Wow everything was so cheap.  

Turnip pastries? I told them that I wanted fried turnip cake with dipping sauce.  These pastries weren't it but 
they were pretty good.  Well, everything tastes good deep fried.  
Wonton with chili sauce.  
Sauce was spicy and complimented the wontons nicely.  These were pretty cheap.  I think 3 for 8?

Soup Dumplings!! I <3 soup dumplings!!
I could've eaten all of them by myself! 

I forgot to take a picture of scallion pancakes.  They were pretty good. I dipped them in the chili sauce.   
I can't wait to go back here! The bill came out to 20 dollars for the four of us.  We didn't tip 20% and the lady told us to give another dollar -.-.