Sunday, May 6, 2012

Korean Tacos

Chris and I made Korean tacos (thanks to this awesome recipe) for Cinco de Mayo.  Making them was so simple and easy only because we did not marinate the meat. We cheated.. bought pre-marinated meat from H-mart which is a lot cheaper.  Chris had most of  the ingredients and had to buy tomatoes, limes, sour cream, and jalapenos from the Indian super market, which he paid 5 dollars for everything! 

We probably spent almost 2 hours in H-mart looking around for samples! Some of the samples we tried were organic salmon (So good! We might make spicy salmon hand rolls soon), mochi ice cream, various fruits and vegetables, kimchi, bul go gi, dumplings, and drinks.  

I love this tea drink! I couldn't resist the sale and bought 2 for 5 dollars. 
Chris and I were looking at the fresh cream with fruit cake slice on top.   We decided not to, because it was 5 dollars per slice :(. 
Pico de gallo
Korilla sauce
1 lb of pre-marinated chicken thighs for 4 dollars. 
1 lb of bul go gi was 5 dollars.  Not as good as my mom's but it was a lot cheaper/easier :)
Grilled bell peppers! 

After dinner Chris realized that we forgot to add the kimchi!! I can't believe we forgot it!!! 
We bought strawberries to eat for dessert. They were HUGE and smelled so delicious! 
We dipped the strawberries in Greek yogurt, almonds, and honey :)

The meal was around 20 dollars and served 6 people.  The prep time took longer than expected because I did most of the grunt work -,-.   

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