Monday, April 9, 2012

Houston's Restaurant

I’ve been meaning to post reviews on since foreverbut this blog has motivated me to review all the restaurants I have been to.  I’ll cross post on yelp and on here. 

Houston’s in Hackensack, NJ
My first meal here was when I was in high school.  My sis and I split a prime rib burger with AU JUS which now cost 18? dollars, and some shrimp appetizer.  My eyes definitely bulged out when I saw the prices! I enjoyed our meal, just not the prices. 

9 years later, I took Chris here after getting my first REALpay check.  Cha-ching.  I love how it’s at Riverside Square Mall.  I get to go window shopping while we wait the freaking 1.5-2 hour wait.  He ordered theHawaiian Rib Eye medium rare, and I ordered the prime burger again.  If you don’t like marinated steak, then I don’t think you’d enjoy the rib eye.  It’s pretty sweet and juicy.  Chris and I shared it so the flavor wasn’t sickening and overwhelming.  The rib comes with a loaded baked potato.Holy crap is it huge! Houston’s must get genetically modified spuds.  Pure comfort food right there, along with thespinach dip! So good  yet so bad for you.  The prime burger was delicious as how I remembered it to be.  I just love AUJUS.  (I call my cat Pazuzu PA JUS all thetime!) Houston’s Restaurant is probably one of my top five restaurants.    
Chris and I went to Houston’s again, almost a yearlater.  We ordered the prime rib, ahituna salad, and grilled artichokes. Everything was delicious, esp the artichokes!   

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