Monday, June 25, 2012


Here is my supervisors' dog, Buddha! He's a smelly farty french bull dog who likes to bark at everything. I'm not sure if he's cute or creepy looking. I think he looks like an old man.  Anyway, they're in France right now (one is in Ukraine to watch the Eurocup games) and my coworker is watching Buddha. He'll be at work with us for the next two weeks! And I'll be watching him for a day sometime next week.  I hope he doesn't piss my cats off or else they'd beat him up lol.  

He's in playful mood
Getting closer
He dropped his birthday cake in front of me lol  

Chris and I got take out from Delhi Garden in Edison because I was craving Indian food. He ordered the NY style chicken and rice entree and I ordered chicken tikka masala, mango lassi, and vegetarian samosas.  

Chicken and rice was better than expected! The chicken was marinated in Indian spices and was super tender and juicy.   I think the white sauce and hot sauce were comparable.  Chris thinks it needed more lettuce and tomatoes and the hot sauce was just OK.  But he said he'd order it again.     

The chicken tikka masala was creamy and flavorful.  The chicken was not as juicy as the chicken and rice but it's served in sauce so it wasn't too dry.  
The mango lassi was great. I drank too much and filled me up right away.
The samosas were delicious.  I only ate the insides lol...I didn't want to eat too much carbs.  

We actually came here around 2 years ago.. We were noobs and ordered the wrong things.  I ordered some weird eggplant thing which was OK not great.  Glad I ordered the generic Indian entrees this time around.  

Chris made shaved ice for me :)
I didn't do such a good job making it look presentable. Chris bought strawberries, mangoes, mandarian oranges, lychee, red beans, and condensed milk.  The machine was mechanical so Chris did all the dirty work :P 

The cruise is in two weeks!

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