Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dinner and a Movie

Chris came to visit me on Friday and took me out to eat Thai food in Fort Lee.  I've been wanting to eat at Little Charm Thai Kitchen since my sister had their pad thai lunch special a year ago. 
I'm glad my sister told me about this place.  It's pretty cramped..maybe 12 people can fit here. And the place is so small that you can hear..everything. We were lucky and got a table.  We were unlucky that these teenage girls were eating near us.  I can't say anything too mean cause I was dumb at that age too :X

Thai iced tea before mixing it 

Tom Yum Soup
Massaman curry 
pad thai

Everything was so good.  I brought leftovers home and my mom finished the pad thai , and she's usually picky.  We bought my sister penang curry and I'm definitely going to order that next time.  Massaman curry was sweeter and tangy.  The penang curry was more milky which I like in curry.  I'm definitely going to try their rice dish next time.  Pad thai was good, but the thai place near Chris's house makes better pad thai.

Later that night, we watched Prometheus with my sister.  I'm a huge fan of the Alien series (I'm not counting Alien 3) and was slightly disappointed.  It was visually impressive but the plot was okay.  As a researcher I was wtfing when the characters were touching everything and removed their helmets(!!).   But then again it is a movie and can't expect that much from it.  Other than that, it was pretty decent. I give it a solid 8 out of 10.  And I hope to see a sequel. 

Oh and speaking of movies, I watched Snow White and the what a boring movie.  It could've been really good but was mostly fail.  Kristen Stewart's mouth bothered me the whole time lol.  I wish a non famous actress was Snow White instead of mouth breather.  At least the scenes were well done.  My best friend told me that they're planning on a sequel.  -.- 

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