Wednesday, July 4, 2012


My coworker had a party to go to in PA and didn't want to leave Buddha alone so I decided to watch him for the weekend :)

This is a note that my supervisor left on our door 

The secretary brought her French bull dog named Marley to keep Buddha company!
So, my cats were not exactly happy when I brought Buddha home.  Buddha loves cats but cats don't love him :(.  He lunged at Timmy wanting to play and got his ass kicked for it! He learned his lesson and calmed down.  
Oh we shaved Timmy because he's one furry cat AND he does not like to be brushed at all. Ugh. He was so angry at my sister and me.  

Here is Pazuzu and Buddha getting along :).  He managed to slobber all over Pazuzu's head! My cats learned to like Buddha after just one day. Who can't love that face?  
On Saturday, my sister and I visited my sister's friend.  She has two dogs, Winky, the Boston Terrier, and a shi tzu, hangbok.  I have never seen Buddha so crazy before.  He ran inside and headed straight for the toy box LOL.  He was that annoying child hood friend who played with all of your toys and ate your food.  The other dogs were not pleased. No one likes Buddha :'(
He loved my sister's friend and sat on her lap for hours.  
He looks like a skeleton.  
Hangbok looks like the predator.  
All three dogs in the kitchen 
Buddha and Pazuzu watching each other.  

I had a great weekend with Buddha.  It was a hassle walking him in the hot weather, but it wasn't so bad.  I needed to walk haha. Watching him made me realize that I'm a total cat person.  I feel bad for dogs that have to hold in their pee and poo for hours because the owners are at work.  

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