Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Korean Food

My mom and I usually get Koreanized Chinese food which is basically sweetened and spicy Chinese food when we go out to eat.  My favorite is jja jang myun or black bean noodles.  The banchan (side dishes) these restaurants serve are usually  radish kimchi (kkakdugi), raw onions that you dip in the black sauce, and pickled radish (danmuju).

We always go to Son Ja Jang in Pal Park because they hand make the noodles! The noodles are just right, not too soggy or hard.  Also, they offer half and half.  I get the tang soo yook (sweet and sour beef) and jja jang combo which is around 10 dollars.  The tang soo yook dish alone is around 20 dollars so the combo is a good deal.  

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