Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week Through Pics

Nail stickers! My sis was stingy and used one side for both nails.
My boss usually goes away for the summer to his villa(s) in St. Tropez.  He like..loves Sushi Cruise and wanted to eat here again.  I ordered the usual lunch special plus spicy crab salad.  LOL.  Look at how much tempura the chef added!! It was good but I felt so full and gross afterwards.   

My bff wanted to eat at Soo Petite Chow last night :).  She picked me up in her hot new Hyundai! I'm totally jealous and want one now :D  
We had to order the soup dumplings.  
Shredded beef with scallions.  
Chicken in garlic sauce.  
Baked bun with chives and eggs. 

My sister's friend visited us and brought her dog, Winky! He's a Boston Terrier with one eye, hence the name Winky. He was so well behaved and quiet...Pazuzu was scared of him :( Usually he's fearless and doesn't give a crap, but he got on the printer and arched his back and bristled his tail.  Winky didn't care LOL.  Pazuzu calmed down after a while and watched Winky like a hawk.    

Here's Pazuzu being Pazuzu

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