Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Chris and I went hiking in the Palisades Interstate Park, which is a large area that ranges from Fort Lee all the way up to the state of NY.  We are new to hiking so we picked a moderate trail (easy was for kids).  Saturday's weather was perfect...not too hot and there was a nice breeze.  Also, the trail that we picked was very shady.  The scenery was nice except for the murky muddy waters of the Hudson River. 

I bought wasabi peas, trail mix, Cliff bars, and dried fruit from Trader Joe's and packed frozen bottles of water.  The trail was maybe 4-5 miles and took us 3  hours to hike  because we kept stopping to eat the wasabi peas lol.  

Here is the start of our trail! 
View of the Bronx

Chris enjoying the scenery lol.  I made him wear my backpack hahha.
The last half mile was just a rocky road of pain lol.   

After hike feast

Left over pizza from Friday night.  Brooklyn's brick oven pizza is always good! 

Rib eye that Chris cooked...notice the red
Red leaf lettuce and peppers
Korean BBQ! 

I had a great time hiking! We were pretty noob and didn't bring bug spray (because Chris said he would...and he forgot to bring it) and I got the biggest bug bite on the back of my leg.  :( 

We might go again next week! 

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