Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Build a Computer

Two weekends ago, Chris came over and helped me build my very first PC!  I had a laptop which lasted me almost 6 years. Haha isn't that crazy? My sister took her computer when she moved out so I had to rely on my phone for internet for a whole week which wasn't nice.  

With help from this website  and reddit/r/buildapc Chris and I complied a list of parts in two days.  We got almost everything on sale too :).   

Processor.  Chris said something about it having 3.5 million transistors.   
Motherboard.  Crazy right? 
NZXT phantom case.  I wanted this in pink but Chris threw a fit >:( 
Messy but I'll clean it up later 
Hello Kitty decal 
Pazuzu! He normally doesn't jump onto tables and desks so I placed him there.  

So, the whole building process took us ~6 hours...three hours on Friday.  We ate at Bobby Flay's Burger Palace and got so sleepy afterwards.  We finished building it Saturday night! We celebrated by watching Dark Knight Rises :) (so good!) I still need to add more RAM but it's not big deal.  

I totally recommend building your own computer! It's so much cheaper and more satisfying too.  I paid around ~600 and if I were to get this pre-built for would probably cost double? I also got the best bang for the buck too.  

I love my new computer :)

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