Monday, August 20, 2012

Mitsuwa Summer Festival

Not much happened last weekend. I took the summer intern to the mall and BonChon.  On Saturday, I went to Mitsuwa's summer festival with my friends and we drove down to East Brunswick to eat at Makkoli sushi buffet.for my friend's going away party.  

We ordered half spicy and half soy garlic wings.  I love KFC :)
Behind Mitsuwa. It was super crowded! I had to park at my work and walk over to Mitsuwa.  
Bought ViVi for 3 dollars! Normally the magazine is around 10?  
We decided to eat in the food court because the festival food was pricey.  
I ordered the usual monthly special.  Chicken katsu for 6.50!

Green tea latte for 3.00.  It tasted way too milky.    

My friend got squid balls. 
8 dollars each for a mask.  
I Decorated balloons filled with water.  
We bought our friend this good luck cat.  Green is for good academics since he's attending grad school in Taiwan.  
My friend picked out a pencil and a notebook for him to use LOL.  

I forgot to take pictures of the food from Makkoli but it wasn't anything special.  The selection was limited but the sushi was decent.  I just ate sushi and salmon sashimi.  After dinner, we went over my friend's house to drink beer lol.  I stole the idea off of my friend's facebook to make  beer floats...Sam Adams beer (we used hazelnut) and vanilla ice cream. It was tasty and I recommend it to any non-beer drinker! Anyway, I was nice seeing him off.  I hope he visits me on Thursday! He's a big foodie just like me :) 

Ughhh. I spent so much this weekend.  I made a note myself not to eat out for lunch or go out to eat so much.  This weekend, Chris and I plan on going hiking near my house ( cause it's free!) .  I'm crossing my fingers for good weather! 

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