Monday, August 13, 2012

3 Years

It was our 3 year anniversary on August 4th! Time flies when you're having fun haha.  So I took Friday off and Chris came over in the afternoon.  We were finally able to eat at Sushi Cruise for lunch considering they only offer their lunch special on the weekdays.  We ordered a good amount and it only came out to like 10 dollars per person.  

On Saturday, the 4th, we woke up early to head out to Brooklyn.  Yikes, we got lost because the J train didn't stop at one train stop...good thing we left so early because we were able to get a seat before it got busy..

It was SO HOT AND HUMID.  We were both hot, hungry, and angry (Chris said hohangry) from jumping from train to train trying to get to Brooklyn.  This pretty hipster girl told us how to get to Brooklyn (when in doubt, ask a hipster :D)  Chris and I aren't big wine drinkers so we always order soda when we go out to a fancy restaurant hahaa. 

Chris's drink 

Their special steak sauce. It tasted like cocktail sauce maybe a little bit sweeter. It went well with the steak.  
Their delicious bread.  Chris asked the waiter to pack it for us hahaha. 

German potatoes

Creamed spinach! Probably the best creamed spinach I ever had... 
Medium rare.

Our porterhouse steak! They cut and serve it to you immediately. Wish I was able to get a picture of it whole.  
The meal was so freaking good. The steak was worth the arduous journey Brooklyn.  The steak was so tender and soft.  Haha, I was only able to eat four-five pieces and the side dishes before wanting to vomit.  There was a couple who sat next to us who ordered an appetizer, two side dishes, and steak for each and they finished everything! We plan on coming here again :)
After our heavy lunch, I couldn't walk back to the train stop and had to wait and digest in McDonald's.  Chris ordered a smoothie and we sat there for a good half hour lol.

We wanted to go to the MET but the guard didn't let us in cause we had left overs. Lol. The left overs were worth more than the MET tickets. So, we walked through Central Park but had to cut it short because I was getting blisters on my feet :(. 

We plan on going back the first weekend of September because Bank of America offers free museum tickets to BoA card holders the first weekend of every month.

 I had a great anniversary. We didn't want to do anything extravagant because we are planning on going away soon :)

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