Monday, August 6, 2012

Otakon 2012

I finally uploaded pictures from Otakon 2012! I really didn't get to take that many pictures because I had to staff and was super busy.  So from Fri-Sun, I worked 8 hours a day :/. At least I got a free ticket for myself, was able to hand out two (even though one guy was a no show..ugh), free hotel, and free food! Oh yeah and two staff t-shirts.  

We arrived Thursday night to get our passes and go to staff meeting.  Since they weren't giving out food vouchers, we had to go out to get food.  We went to some pan Asian take out place. I got yellow curry since I love eating curry when it's rainy.  It wasn't any good :/ 
   Line at 7AM. 

So my friend, Cathy, found out that there was a huge Pokemon photoshoot on Friday. She told me that she was dressing up as gyarados so I decided to dress up as magikarp!  
Cathy gluing vaporeon's spines on the back! 

Pikachu and Snorlax
Irene's cute hello kitty polaroid! I keep forgetting to bring my camera! 

Here are random pictures I took of people.

So on Friday I had to walk around the dealer's room (where all the people sold their stuff) and check for badges. Here's the hentai (anime porn) section. LOL 
IDK. Some guy dressed up as Hardgay (I think it's hard gay...). 

I like his Pabu doll! 

Surfer Singed
Miku :)
Blurry picture. I don't know what they were supposed to be but their costumes were pretty and elegant.  
Ahri :) 
Clover from CLAMP I love her wings! 
Steam punk? 
Ezreal and Karma 
One of the dealers' booth
Some demon girl. Her costume was pretty awesome. 
Pretty kimonos 
Doesn't it look like Pazuzu!? I got a discount cause I was staffing :D 

I didn't get to take that many pictures because I was busy working . Oh well.  There were A LOT of smelly people at Otakon!! It was hot and deodorant would've helped ugh.   

Anyway, my friend is excited and wants to do a Sailor Moon group next year.  I called dibs on Sailor Mars cause she's a HBIC. haha.  I'm not really into cosplaying but it was a lot of fun! Especially when people went up to me and asked to take pictures of me in my stupid magikarp costume.  This one girl hit me (not hard) with her pikachu doll and said she defeated me. wtf lol..  I was so impressed by all the great costumes.  It's amazing how people can be so creative and talented and make these elaborate costumes out of plastic, foam, fabric, etc. 


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    1. Your costume was so good! (Notice that I only took/posted pics of good cosplayers :D)

      I bet it was a pain carrying those fans! Will you be going to PAX/otakon next year? Hope to see you're so talented!