Thursday, September 6, 2012


The past week wasn't so eventful and interesting.  It was my mom's birthday a week ago so I took her out to Grand Lux Cafe in GSP.  

Cat dress at Anthropologie! I wantssss it! 

I ordered the lemon chicken pasta dish which was tangy and savory.  My mom ordered the garlic shrimp pasta dish which was a lot better than my dish (it was still tasty).  She never eats her left overs for some reason so I ate it for lunch the next day :) 

Look at this cutie!!! 
Her name is Lily :).  She's 5 months and we got her from the vet.  I hope I can keep her because my sister who's back from Vegas is taking Timmy :(.  I don't want Pazuzu to be by himself.....but he's scared of her LOL.  He's 3x her weight and size and runs away from her.  She's a bit wild and feisty though. She bit and scratched my sister a few times.  Hisses at Timmy and Pazuzu when they play-fight back. And runs around the house like a maniac.  She is the cutest kitten ever :)
She has pink pads on her brown paws! 
Chris and I cooked pasta with meat sauce.  
Grilled pork with rice noodles from Pho 32. It was okay.  I was craving pho but I don't know why I ordered it lol.  
Strawberry and rhubarb jam that one of my supervisors made for me. So good!!! 
Chris and I went to NYC on Sunday to hang out with our friends.  Since it was the first weekend of the month, Bank of America card holders were able to get into the MET for free.  I'm glad I didn't pay for anything because it wasn't anything special.  You've seen it once, you've seen it a million times.  We ate at Ginger Man (bar).  I ordered a roast beef sandwich which was spicy lol.  I felt the horseradish in my nose.  

On Monday we cooked chicken adobo! We used a random recipe online and changed the ratio of vinegar to soy sauce to our liking. I marinated the chicken for about 4 hours and boiled it until cooked and simmered it for 1/2 hour.  

Chicken adobo doesn't look really appetizing but it's so tangy and delicious! I wish we used wings instead of thighs but the thighs were on sale.  The sauce goes so well with white rice.  

Hopefully this weekend Chris and I will head down to his beach house.  

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