Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dog sitting again

My sister's friend went to the Bahamas (stayed at Atlantis where I visited!) with her mom and asked me if I could watch Wink for her for five days.  

Hahaha, he basically slept all day in his crate.  I kinda felt bad for him too. He missed his owner and he was probably bored and scared of my cats (they didn't bother him ...liked him more than they liked Buddha!)
Frogging like Pazuzu
I was able to take him to work :)
HAHHA. So instead of bringing his crate, I brought him in his stroller! Since he has only eye he has trouble walking so his owner bought a stroller off of ebay or craigslist. 

My supervisors bring Buddha to work since they're refurnishing their basement.  

Buddha was SUPER jealous of Wink. 

Wink climbed up the chair to get away from Buddha. 

After a few hours, Wink started to like Buddha. 

So Wink followed my supervisors everywhere! Buddha couldn't take it and had to be in his business lol.  Whenever someone went to go pet Wink, Buddha would knock Wink over so he could be petted instead.  Buddha was a huge bully lol.  

Wink's owner bought me a cake from a Korean bakery. Isn't the cake so pretty? 

She got me a black cat statue from the Bahamas. He looks like Pazuzu! 

Pazuzu loved to watch Wink sleep in his crate. What a creeper! 

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