Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Computer!

My sister moved to Vegas a couple days after I came back from the cruise :(. She was about to move out in June but I told her to take care of the cats (cats come first).  I'm going to miss her dearly! And she took the computer x_x.  Haha, I've been saving up for a new computer, and all the parts should be coming in tomorrow! (I HOPE!) The case already came in!  

Since I need a computer to upload my cruise pics..I present the food pics I took with my phone! Before and after cruise meals :)

Chicken and Rice from Delhi Garden in Edison, NJ.  I asked Chris to get me their lunch special Friday afternoon. We wanted to eat something ethnic before the cruise lol.  

After a week's worth of American cuisine we were craving pho! 
Pho Anh Dao in Edison, NJ has to be my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.  

Avocado shake!!! This is my favorite shake in the whole world!

We slept for hours after coming back from lunch and shopping at Hmart.  Chris drove me back to my house around 9PM? My sister lied about having food in the we ate at some 24/7 Korean restaurant.  

                                                                Chris always orders Yuk ae jang.

I got beef bone marrow soup! It's actually pretty good. This is before I added a shit ton of salt and spices.  

On Sunday, we wanted to eat at Little Charm Thai Kitchen in Fort Lee but there was a gas pipe problem and the kitchen was closed :(  So we ate at the BCD tofu house down the street. I love Fort Lee! There are so many different restaurants in a small town!  
Love their banchan! Service here is always great, because they refill your water all the time and ask if you want more kimchi.  
I always get curry soondubu :)
Chris ordered the mixed sea food and beef soondubu. 
Korean shaved ice!! 

Next week is Otakon in Baltimore, MD.  I'm so behind in making my costumes but I'm not doing anything extravagant so I think I have plenty of time.  

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