Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cruising part 1

So I finally have a new computer! I'll post pictures of it later...all the components and the final build.  It took a total of ~6 hours to build cause it was our first time building.  I still have problems with including more ram but 4 gigs is enough for gaming.  Wheee! 

Here are the cruise pics! I brought my Polaroid but kept forgetting to bring it...well my beach bag was full of Chris's crap so I couldn't bring it either way>:O.  

We cruised with Norwegian Gem for 7 days.  Rooming was kinda hectic because one person was in charge of registering more than 100 people (family and friends).  But it turned out great cause Chris and I were able to room together :) 

Our cabin was nice and cozy! 
Shower was spacious for a small cabin. It even had a clothing line on top for hanging up bathing suits.  

Toilet wasn't comfy.  

Main area.  The purple things are gems.  

I think this was salmon tar tar? 

Or was this salmon tar tar? Chris was impatient and took a bite of the bread. 


Chris's steak or prime rib..idk. 

Chris's dessert. 

Orange sherbet for myself. 

Hahah what is this? Pumpkin salad? 

Curry with coconut shrimp.  Wasn't that good. 

This cheesecake was so good! It was light and not too cheesy! 

"Vietnamese" roll with papaya salad. It was OK.  

Greek Salad? 

I ordered fish.  

Chris's jambalaya fish 

lamb chops I think..

We got a table next to the window! This was when we were in Florida.  

Tiramisu! SO DELICIOUS! 

We watched the sunset together while drinking haha 


Florida after the sunset. 

We ate outside for lunch. Seagulls were harassing the people who sat near the railing.  

We took a tender boat to Norwegian Cruise Line's private resort.  

I didn't take any pictures of the beach because it was so crowded! 

Chris and I went snorkeling! I wish I had an underwater camera.  We saw so many tropical fish and coral! I don't know how to swim so Chris had to drag me like a tug boat -.-

Beef Empanada 

Pumpkin gnocchi? It was pretty good! 

Some British dessert...I can't recall the name right now. Pure deliciousness! 

So Chris and I were total fatties (well more him than me :D considering I only had one entree while he had three for dinner) and ate at the 24/7 cafe at like 2AM almost every night.  

Tuna sandwich

Fish and chips 

At Nassau, Bahamas we went to this resort called The Atlantis. 

Took a taxi cab there.

Right outside of the resort. 

Inside the casino.  

We (and Chris's whole family) decided to go to the aquarium that was under the hotel.  It's crazy how much money and upkeep an aquarium requires.  They test the water every three hours?  The whole area was enormous!   We probably walked around 2-3 miles exploring the whole resort.  The only thing that sucked was that it was so humid.  

Looks like he's saying herp. 

Hahah fish giving Chris the stink eye 

The resort! 

A small scale representation of the area. Reminds me of the opening sequence of Game of Thrones.  

Some gift shop. 

The ship!

Pork sausage? 


Tomato soup 


Chris's  8th prime rib 

Chicken skewers 

lol. Chris's chocolate dessert. 

Sundae! yum! 


Eggplant parm 

Lemon sorbet 

Those are most of the pics that I took with my camera which is broken now :( Well it's not...the lens is stuck.  I need to upload pictures off of my phone.    

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