Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Food Pics

My sister and I ate lunch at Mavi Meze Girll. I came here before with my supervisors and boss for a birthday and noticed that they have lunch specials.  Soup or salad, entree, and a drink for 10 dollars! 

I don't know the name of the salad.  The dressing was a bit bitter for me.  It was still good..healthy and satisfying. I couldn't finish all of it.  

My sister ordered a chicken kabob platter, and I ordered a chicken meatball platter.  The chicken meat balls were juicy and tender.

I love grilled tomatoes! 
Red Mango opening up near my work! It's right next to Harmon! AHH.  I'm gonna be so poor! Maybe I should work here part time..make extra money AND get free frozen yogurt! 
I cooked masaman curry from the can.  I used this brand which you can find at any local Asian market.  I used one small can, three chicken breasts, string beans, one can of coconut milk, and half an onion.  The curry came out so good! I wanted to add potatoes but I'm still on the carb diet haha.  I only had two scoops of rice! 
Chris and I used to make curry from scratch but using the cans has cut making curry to like minutes instead of a good hour. So if you want restaurant like curry I recommend this brand!    

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