Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Week

I've been neglectful lately....neglected to update my blog, neglected my cats. It's all because of Diablo 3.  I've been playing non-stop ever since I got it on launch day.  

Got it at midnight at Gamestop.  Reminded me when I passed by an engineering frat having a party and it was all guys waiting to get in lol.  I was the only girl online hehe.  

I have been skipping dinner to play it (I actually lost some weight!) so on Friday my sister dragged me out to Soo Petite Chow in my town.  We got there around 5:30 PM and it was already packed.  We had to share a round table with other people which was okay but a family with a sick kid sat with us :(   
Soup Dumplings! I think these are on par with Joe Shanghai's in china town.  
I got chicken with eggplant.I barely touched it because the soup dumplings filled me up.  I packed it and wanted to bring it to Chris's house but my sister ate it :(  

She got scallops with ginger.  I didn't touch it only cause I don't like scallops.  My sister said it was all right.  

My sister bought me a cone from McDonald's.   Deliciousness for only a dollar :)  

Since my sister has her computer in her room, I asked her to sleep in my room.  Here is Pazuzu tired after trying to get my attention.  My sister refuses to sleep in my room again because he bothered her so much. I guess he wondered why we switched rooms.  

There's a monster named Pazuzu in D3! :)

Plantain chips from Trader Joe's.  I tried to stockpile healthy snacks for D3 lol.  

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