Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend with Chris

Chris had an empty house this weekend :)

We decided to make goi cuon (spring rolls).  Chris had most of the ingredients except for a few things which we picked up at the local super market.  I told Chris not to buy shrimp from Thailand anymore because the shrimp industry is destroying the fishing cat's habitat. So he bought over priced shrimp from the US gulf instead.Chris paid 28 in total which was way too much.  He was charged 16 for the shrimp! The label clearly said 10 dollars. We went back to complain about the price. The seafood department mislabeled the price and we ended up getting the shrimp for free!! 

 Spring rolls are customizable and easy to make! For our spring rolls you need:
mint leaves
rice noodles/bean threads
rice paper

Everything is optional! (except for the noodles, rice paper, and lettuce haha)  

Chris's grandmother grows plants and herbs in her back yard. We were able to grab a bunch of mint leaves and chives.  Chris reminded me of an ahjuma picking sesame leaveson a farm LOL.  

Lemon grass pork! Chris used this recipe

I had to slice the shrimps in half because they were huge!

Bean threads.  I prefer rice noodles but bean threads have less carbs and aren't as sticky.  

I love avocados in my spring rolls! Chris likes to add mango slices in his.  

 I sliced the carrots. I don't know what or how much he added.  I'm guessing you can use this recipe for pickled carrots.  

Peanut sauce for the rolls! So delicious.  

The big bowl in the middle is filled with warm water.  You have to wet the rice paper in order to roll it. 

Chris's final product.  My roll came out all deformed and broken.  

After dinner we played D3 for a little bit...I don't have a gaming laptop so we couldn't play ::(  After that we watched Game of Thrones until 5 in the morning. I'm disappointed that the directors changed Daenerys and Jaime's characters. Oh well...I'm hoping that next season they won't ruin her arc.  

On Sunday, Chris's sister had her birthday party at their beach house.  I didn't take that many pictures because I didn't want to bring my phone to the beach.  
So much food! 
Picture of a sea shell wreath.  
His uncle's dog.  She likes to frog like Pazuzu.  I tried so hard to take a picture of her frogging but whenever I got close to her, Chris's dog Gracie chased her off >:O!!! 

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