Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seafood Galore

Monday and Tuesday was full of seafood! 

I ordered the udon monthly special tofu with shrimp tempura and vegetable pancake on the side.  My sister got the shrimp tempura udon. 
She paid for our drinks and onigiri. 

So Rutgers University has King Neptune night once a year (in the middle of September).  It's an all you can eat lobster-shrimp-crab-fish feast! It's like an Asian parent's dream come true lol. Chris's family and I ate at the new Livingston dining hall....whaaaa I'm so jealous that Rutgers is so nice now! Livingston used to be a dump when I was a student! 

Pretty fish ice sculpture
yummm I love crabs but they were a lot of work so I didn't eat any crab!

Snow crab legs are my jam! 

Smoked salmon, ahi tuna, and random rare fish. 

My first lobster of the night! 
Chris's surf and turf. 
Chris's 2nd lobster.  
Dessert! I had the chocolate chip cheesecake and some of the key lime pie.  I miss the dining hall dessert :(

We were lucky and arrived early but still had to wait for people to leave.  The lady who swiped us in told us that everyone's grazing lol!! We grazed for 3 hours! Hahha. RU did a great job setting everything up...I don't remember it being organized the last few times I went.  I never got the chance to eat snow crab legs or eat so much cocktail shrimp. It was a great night and had so much fun with Chris and his family.  

I hope I get to go again next year!

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