Monday, September 17, 2012

Cats and Food

Last week was just spending time with my sister who's leaving on Wednesday.  It's nice having her around but I do miss using her room as my "man cave".  

Chris and I ate at Panera Bread on Saturday.  I love their cheddar broccoli soup! 
On Sunday, we made beef burgundy stew with golden mushroom soup.  
Here is Pazuzu staring at me in the morning. He usually sleeps with me :)
Lily :) The shirt says sweetheart LOL.  
Pazuzu and Lily holding paws! 
So Gong Dong in Palisades Park.  I perfer BCD tofu house (they have more side dishes) but they have kal gook su soondubu which is amazing!! 

Wink's owner had a wedding to go to and asked my sister to paint her nails and do her make up.  As a payment she took us to Simply Vietnamese in Tenafly.  The owner had a small hole in the wall restaurant in Fort Lee called Mo'pho but moved.  The host wasn't that friendly and piratically threw the menus at us and snatched it from our hands when we finished ordering. The waiter was OK.  The service at Mo'pho was so much better.  

The shrimp chips are my favorite!!
I usually order the lemongrass chicken. I'll probably take Chris here for lunch (which is cheaper!).  

My two friends celebrated their birthdays on Saturday.  Good for me cause I didn't have to go into the city twice in one month lol.  

Cathy celebrated her birthday at Qi in Times Square. I got there so freaking early and everyone was running late. So feeling lonely and bored, I ordered a drink at the bar by myself lol.  

Lychee champagne drink.  
Chris and I usually order two different entrees and share.  He ordered some salmon curry which was delicious.  I ordered chicken pad thai lol.  It was decent.  10 dollars for a tiny portion :/.  

After that I head over to the Empire Hotel's roof top bar for Candice's birthday.  I'm so upset that I didn't get to take pictures of the view! Chris and I were only there for 40 minutes because we had to catch the midnight bus/train. I sometimes wish I lived in the city! 

I finally got Nothin' Mouse About it from the Minnie Mouse collection! Hearts were hard to apply but I still like it a lot. Very cute :)

I'm going to NYC Comic-con in October!! I'm preparing my costume very soon. I need my sister's room to make it .  I'm super excited cause my favorite artist will be there! 

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