Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Happy holidays! I should make a habit of updating my blog at least once a week :/.  

So far, I've been spending a lot to get 2k points (lol no not really...Christmas made my wallet sad), studying, and slowly cleaning my rooms.  Chris and I started to plan for our upcoming trip to Vietnam!! I'm also losing weight cuz I wanna look good in pics and so people in Vietnam won't talk shit about me lol.  So far, I lost a few pounds by cutting out snapple/soda ( blah my work provides free drinks) and eating clean.  I have a living social deal to a gym that's close to my work/house so I'll start going once the New Years resolution noobs stop going which should be in Feb.  

Here are the pics: 

I'm gonna stop ordering this from Mitsuwa lol 

onigiri :)  I love spicy tuna 

My friend had his"surprise" birthday dinner at Tops in Newark lol.   I ordered the short rib burger and was amazing!! The burger was monstrous and absolutely delicious.  Even the fries were amazing.  I got mad at Chris cause he offered my fries to our friend but at the end it was a good decision.  He's only looking out for my health :)  

Chris and I made tikki masala! I think he used an allrecipe's recipe.  We ate it with some naan bread which Pazuzu (that's what Chris thinks..I think it was Lily) shredded.  It was so good that we served it at Chris's Christmas party. 

Chris's living room filled with presents!! 

Chris got me a long champ purse! I never really wanted one cuz all the Korean girls at Rutgers would wear them around campus but I really wanted one this year for some reason.  I'm glad he surprised me with it! I love my bag so much. It fits so much and the bag is really light and durable.  I want to bring it to Vietnam but I'm afraid a dude on a motorbike might steal it lol.  

Chris's brother got Chris tickets to the Giants game! 
Best gift ever :) and he brought me! We got Blimpies before the game and Chris managed to sneak two subs in lol. 

Giants vs. Eagles  

Nose bleed section 

The game was so exciting and the crowd was great.  It was a nice treat to watch the Eagles played so badly LOL.  Too bad the Giants didn't make it to the playoffs but oh well...there's next year when the Superbowl will be at Met life Stadium :)

It took us forever to look for our car cause we left on the other side of the stadium ...-.- lol.  After the game we ate at Tops :) I got a chicken pesto sandwich which was really really good.  I wanna go back and try all the burgers. But I can't do that cause I'm on a diet lol.   

I spent NYE with Chris and  his family 

Bella, Chris's uncle's dog 

Riry being an asshole with her toys. She's always hogging the toy and growling 

It's Korean tradition to eat dduk gook on New Year.  My mom makes the best dduk gook. 

Here's Pazuzu getting high from cat nip. I love him so much.  

The McRib lol.  I know it's made out of plastic but it was tasty. 

Rollin' with Chris :)

Pho Tai 

We went back to his place to make avocado shakes yum yum yum 

I'm trying to eat clean so I made..

caprese! I love caprese so much.  

And here are pictures of big B :) 

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