Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 2012

I can't believe Christmas is almost next week! While I hate spending money on anything... I found out about this awesome credit card deal that will make Christmas shopping less painful.   Chase is having a promotion with its Southwest credit card so if you spend 2k in three months, 50k points are automatically credited to you! So that means either 500 in gift cards or two free round trip tickets :).  Chris and I are going to Los Angeles with our friends in July! Since our friend works for some travel company, she was able to get a discounted hotel rate!! Right now with all the people that might go, I probably have to pay 50 dollars for 4 nights :) Slickdeals indeed. 

My mom bought me this BB cream.  I love the consistency and color of it! I haven't been using it daily so I can't vouch for its whitening benefits.  

I love getting snacks from Mitsuwa.  

Here's Pazuzu trying to eat my Koala cookie.  

Lily trying to swipe it...

I didn't feed it to Pazuzu :D 

I've been looking for green tea kit kats at Mitsuwa for two years now!! Kit kats were finally in stock! 

Cute photo deco app 
deco tapes that I bought off of ebay for 6 dollars 

Back seam and mock garter stockings that I got on sale 

I got a new eyelash curler, nars blush, and blotting papers for 25 :D. I had a coupon for 15 off of 50 and used two gift cards that I got for free! So in total I had 25 credit off of 50! 

So on Thursday (12/13) I had my company Christmas dinner at my boss's son's restaurant. :D

We all took the ferry to get to NYC.  

Ice skating in front of his restaurant...


cocktail samplers

red wine which wasn't gross 


brussel sprouts 

Porter house for two. I was going to split this with my supervisor but she ended up leaving cause she had a pretty bad migraine. I felt pretty guilty eating it haha.  

so cute!

peanut butter hot coco! I also got a cheesecake but my phone died on me before I was able to take a picture 

Chris and I ate at Soo Petite Chow after shopping for hours at the mall. I hope we spend 2k very soon! 

Turnip cakes

soup dumplings! 

chicken with garlic sauce

I got these specialty kit kats.  I couldn't find the green tea kit kat bars. :(   

I got this really cute Rilakkuma make up case a few days ago. 

Vietnam is in 3 months :)
LA is 4 months after that.  

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