Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November 2012

Ah another monthly update -.-.  I've been busy doing a patch skin study for the month of November. Since the clinical study place is near the mall..it's torture driving there every other day.  $$$ is going towards the Vietnam trip that's coming up very soon!! 4 months left! 

Chris bought pizza stones (non glazed ceramic) from Home Depot or Lowes for a few dollars and we've been making pizza for a couple of weeks now.  
Chris's pizza sauce concoction lol 
Pazuzu being curious 
I rolled the dough out flat on parchment paper 

We didn't make the dough which I heard is a big hassle...we bought pizza dough from Trader Joe's for 1.29. Don't get whole wheat! It's bland and doesn't get as crispy as the regular/ garlic and basil dough.  

We put bell peppers, mushrooms, chicken sausage (was pretty dry..), and basil on our pizzas.  

Chirs's brother and his wife recently moved 10 minutes away from me! They asked us to look after Mac for a few hours to go furniture shopping, and we met up with them in Hoboken.  I was craving roti canai so I told Chris about Satay Malaysian on Washington Street.  We parked near 14th street and walked ALL the way downtown Hoboken. I hate walking in the cold weather but the food was worth it.  
Malaysian tom yum soup
Of course we have to order curry 
Coconut shrimp! It was very delicious but a little salty.  I forgot to take pictures of the rice but they didn't look anything special.  This restaurant offers coconut rice and ginger rice which went well with our dishes. I'm glad getting to Hoboken is a hassle or else I'd be spending so much money on eating out!   

Thanksgiving with Chris's family

Ahh, I forgot to take pics of my onion dip and my cheesecake :(  Both were said to be excellent hehe. I used Martha Stewart's onion dip recipe  and this double layer pumpkin cheesecake

Since I'm a hardcore sales lover I had to go to Macy's for Black Friday  

Chris and I didn't wait that long on the line to get into Macy's.  They opened the doors at 11:55 and as soon as we set foot into the store we jetted to the basement to get... 
I've been eyeing the Circulon cookware set to get for Chris's parents for a long time now.  $99 dollars for 11 pieces! Set is regularly priced at 230.00 hahah what a deal.  I also got a blender (which Chris found) for 10 dollars!  He got an electric skillet and some other thing for 10 dollars each.  
While I was making my cheesecake, Lily tried to swat at Timmy who was on  my lap.  
Here's Pazuzu after kicking Lily off the chair.  

Post Thanksgiving dinner pics 

Ddukbokki from Totowa in Pal Park 

Spicy tuna kim bap from Totowa

I made Chris an easy dinner using a recipe that I found on a blog,  Chris likes clams and I'm not the greatest chef in the world so it was perfect.   Seriously, Trader Joe's is so awesome! 4 dollars for a box of delicious frozen clams pre seasoned for you. There's always a few boxes left of the steamer clams whenever I go to Trader's.  Gahh I'm so lucky that I work right next to Trader Joe's :)

Chris and my mom enjoyed the clams so much that we made it again!  This time we added shrimp and asparagus.  My mom really likes angel hair pasta so we cooked that instead of linguine.  
Made smoothie yogurts using my 10 dollar blender :)
I added granola bought from Trader Joe's 
Chris made us avocado shakes!! :) 
She's so cute!!! 
And here's Timmy being a creeper in my t-shirt.  

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