Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Overview of October 2012

 I'm so glad I don't have a large audience D: I've been super busy with Comic-con, my birthday with Chris <3, Halloween...and not to mention HURRICANE SANDY! I've been without power for the past two days and it sucked! I'm so thankful and relieved that my loved ones and house are OK. So grateful to have electricity work is all messed up cause my lab work depends on electricity!  I kinda hope that I don't have to go into work tomorrow haha.  

So my birthday was on the 8th! I spent the whole three day weekend with Chris :D.  I think the only thing we did was eat and go to the mall lol.  Uniqlo is open at GSP so I bought a bunch of crap from there as a birthday gift to myself. 

My mom got me a slice of strawberry shortcake from Paris Baguette  

Think we ate at Mitsuwa and Chris got me a redbean cake. 

Pa De Thai in Edgewater, NJ 

I think it's the sister restaurant to Thai Charm Kitchen in Fort Lee, NJ.   

thai iced tea

roti canai :) 

panang curry 

the usual pad thai

I think on Sunday Chris took me to Houston's <3_<3 
which is my favorite restaurant in the whole entire world! 

cute Chris <3

Hawaiian rib eye <333 

Chris's cheeseburger lol 

My coworkers took me out to lunch! Whoo hoo.  I love it when we go out for lunch because that means I don't have to pack lunch for the next day.  
I suggested we ate at Brooklyn's Brick Oven Pizzeria in Edgewater, NJ (because it's next to Starbucks hahah) 

I got a personal pan with peppers and mushrooms

My boss bounced early so my supervisor told me to get dessert hehe 


Anyway, Comic-con was a bust >:O.  Cathy and I woke up super early to get autographs from Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy artist) but super nerds waited on line around 9PM the day before. Bleh.  I probably won't go next year.  It was just us walking around in a crowd.  Plus I didn't get any free swag except for a crappy bag. When Chris and I went last year, we ended up with bags of free stuff! 

After Comic-con, I took Lily to the vet to get spayed.  :( 

Lucy the other bird. She's super friendly and cute.  
Lily as a tiny kitten!!! 


It's been two weeks since her surgery, so she's fine and healthy now.  I feel like she's less wild haha.  She was a trooper and let me give her antibiotics.  

So for Halloween I suggested that we dressed up as the girls from Mortal Kombat!! I've been wanting to do this costume ever since I was young haha.  I chose to go as Mileena because she's one of my favorite MK characters.  It was a bitch trying to get the stretchy fabric.  Thankfully, Chris is an awesome bf and went to Joann's for us to get the blue and green for Kitana and Jade.  There was no purple in the stretch fabric so I got pink instead :/  Oh least I stood out haha.  

Cathy helping me make my boot cover

The costumes came out great and we decided to go out twice to show off :D
Friday we went to Whisper near Ktown.  The venue was nice and drinks were free! We were treated really well because it was just the three of us haha. 

pho on Saturday to get rid of our hangovers 

On Saturday, we went to Capitale in Chinatown.  

We actually paid 20.  Price went up to almost 200 for a ticket! 

Here we are!! 
So many people took pictures of us! I felt like a celebrity haha. I regret not doing her fangs...but I wanted to eat and drink :(. 

I think I want to do Street Fighter with Chris next year! How cute is that? Chun-Li and Ryu :)

Hurricane Sandy 

Oh boy, what a disaster.  I'm just so grateful that my friends and I just lost power.  It was annoying of course but better than losing power than anything else.  So happy that everyone is ok.   

Cats were hanging out with me during the storm.  Pazuzu took up all the space while Timmy was trying to stay on the chair.  
Edgewater got flooded.  This is the boat that's docked across from my work....

I hung out with Candice and her family who also lost power.  We went to Koa Koa in Fort Lee to charge our electronics.  

Candice cooked me filet mignon on her grill. We had a romantic candlelight dinner  :D
And today, I went over to hang out with them again.  By the FedEx gods, Candice and her sister received their iPhones!  So a majority of the afternoon was spent trying to get to a verizon store but it turned out that they didn't need to go to Verizon -.-.  Phones were activated and they just needed to call a number.  We got Chinese take out and I bounced after learning I got power back at my house lol.  

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